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 Fin des News pour GW

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Date d'inscription : 29/03/2011

MessageSujet: Fin des News pour GW   Ven 20 Mai - 13:07:48

D'après DakkaDakka et Warseer GW arrêterait de donner un aperçu des news à venir 3 mois à l'avance comme d'habitude:

"I posted this in another forum, although it was commented that it probably deserved it's own thread, so here goes;
Basically, GW have decided that starting soon, nobody and that means absolutely nobody, other than the guys who deal with the products etc, will know what is in the pipework or being released until 1 WEEK before it's actual release date. There will no longer be any incoming emails or the like, apparently the first that anyone will know of anything will be on the back page of WD. Which looks like releases will be tied into the same day that WD is released bearing in mind that subscribers get it around a week early.
Now before you all post pictures of salt cellars etc, I shall tell you where I heard this info. Today GW held it's National Managers Meeting at GW HQ in Nottingham, and the source of this was actually present at the meeting. So bearing in mind it came from the head honchos at GW, and was announced to each and every member of GW management from across the country, please refrain from the salt jokes please.

Obviously it's early days, and I really don't know how I feel about this, but I guess we'll see in due course.

This is now official. Yesterday it was discussed with us by our GW HQ. The most basic effect is that there will no longer be any Black Boxes for GW stores and independent retailers won't be able to order some miniatures weeks in advance. At least that's what has been told to us.

Some of the arguments advanced were:
- The buzz generated by releasing information relatively soon would not translate in real increase in sale number for the release day.
- People start saving money in advance but end up using it somewhere else anyway and end up penniless for the release day. (I'm not kidding on that one)
- People build up expectation and end up disappointed.

Personally, as an independent retailer, the most important thing is that if I can no longer evaluate in advance what item will sale well (because let me be clear, if a model has poor rules it will sell poorly; models with horrible rules that sell well just because they look good are an internet myth), I will have to diminish the amount I order on all items, because I can't risk having Pyrovore like models spending months on the shelves unsold."

Donc plus que peu de visibilité... Je ne vois pas l'intêret et les arguments présentés ne me paraissent pas vraiment pertinent. Evil or Very Mad

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Fin des News pour GW
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